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Our Passion

The Soundtrack to Your Life...Reimagined

It's Incredible how a song can bring us back to a certain place and time with such vivid detail. The sights, the smells, the emotions and most of all, the people, come rushing back at the hearing of just a few notes.  This is precisely what Virginia James would love to do for you. Virginia James is a duo/partnership whose love of music and life is infectious from the first note of each and every performance they give.  With decades of performance experience, formal training, and intuitive musicianship Alicia and Chris bring to the table a diverse set of skills and influences molding a singular musical experience that will honor and inspire the defining moments of your life.  Combining vocal harmonies, guitar/bass, violin, and male/female lead vocal Virginia James is able to choose from a wide variety of music from the sixties to today, tailoring the set list to meet the needs of the most discerning musical tastes. The duo has experience with events ranging from back yard parties all the way through corporate events and weddings. Virginia James uses only the finest sound equipment ensuring that your event will not only continue without interruption, but will have quality sound that your guests will walk away remembering. We look forward to working with you to make your vision come to life.


Weddings and Private Events

Available for all Occasions

Virginia James can bring you everything from high class elegance to a down home Americana vibe and anything in between.  They provide beautiful acoustic music, blending male and female vocal harmonies, guitar, violin and bass to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Virginia James uses high quality instruments and equipment to ensure a flawless and smooth musical experience. There are a few package options available for weddings among the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner.  Prices vary according to location and services needed.  To book us for an event please contact us via email or phone.


"A bird does not sing because he has an answer.
He sings because he has a song."

Joan Walsh Anglund

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128 Persimmon Dr
Tiverton, RI, 02878

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