• Virginia James

OK, Let's Make An Album!

When COVID hit the world, Chris and Alicia found themselves with time they never had before. With all the gigs cancelled and the world shut down. A studio in their basement and all these songs piled up needing to be set free. They decided it was time to make an album. They came across a schedule that Disc Makers created for putting an album together in three months time!! As they were the ones producing, recording,

and mixing it took them just a bit longer (9 months) to finally have it ready to send in for mastering. One of the many things they realized along the way was that though they wrote the songs they found they weren't as familiar with most of them as they wanted to be, mainly because they didn't have much opportunity to perform them. During their process they were also able to discover that less was better and just because something was originally written didn't mean it had to stay, lyrically or instrumentally. There are a series of videos documenting this crazy ride. From click tracks and delirium in the basement from working too long, to taking out extra lyrics and figuring out bass lines. Sometimes even re-recording entire songs after realizing the key wasn't just right! It has been quite a feet but the journey has really just begun for these two. We invite you to come along for the ride! Here's video 1 and you can keep following on YouTube!

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